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I had the pleasure of hanging with Bree for a morning getting a wardrobe revamp and I had the BEST time. I was given a voucher for Second Life Studio by my husband and was skeptical but intrigued at first. I had no expectations but they were exceeded 1000%.  I could have stayed chatting with Bree all day, she is a gorgeous vibrant person who will guide you and change you with your style and confidence in ways you never knew were possible. After my time with Bree I have been shopping at op shops and found pieces that I never normally would have picked but now know what I should gravitate towards to accentuate my style. I will always treasure my visit with Bree, the only negative is that I don’t have her as my personal stylist 24/7, but that’s okay I will make it my life goal to see her again (and again and again) xx


Since getting curves I've done my best to hide them. The styling session I had with Brieana at Second Life Studio was so much fun. She showed me ways to dress to get the most out of my body shape. The clothes she picked out for me were nothing I would have picked for myself, which was a great thing because I was amazed at how good they looked. To me white jeans were always a no-no for curves but after Brieana showed me how to pair them and get the right fit and cut I am a total convert. I came away feeling much more confident and excited about my new wardrobe!


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the styling session on Thursday. I had a lot of fun and not only came away with some great clothes, tips and tricks, but also a real confidence boost. I have worn two new styles already and felt great! Thanks so much.


Bree from Second Life Studio has literally changed my life by revolutionising my wardrobe. I can't believe what a difference it has made to my energy and vibrancy, having clothes in my wardrobe that are specifically suited to my body shape and my vibe. Bree worked with me to identify what was working and what wasn't and showed me how to turn almost any item into something flattering. She captured my style perfectly and the items she picked out for me were not only the perfect style for what I wanted but fit my body shape perfectly, making me feel beautiful just the way I am.


She's given me a new wave of confidence and helped me to express myself in a way I've never really been able to before.


The fact that she styles with second hand threads is just the CHERRY ON THE TOP because not only are the items she chose for me affordable & better for the planet than buying new, but they were unique and had their own unique stories. Not to mention I could afford to get so many more items!


I couldn't recommend Bree & Second Life Studio enough. She is absolutely phenomenal - if you've been thinking about getting styled - definitely do it, you will not regret it.


I love my wardrobe but never got full use of it. I have key pieces I adore that weren't worn for almost 1 year & it bothered me. I didn't know how to style or mix & match these items to make a look. I also have various styles which can make it complex. Bree solved all these issues for me in our session, she gave me the confidence & guidance in pairing my clothes, we created 50+ outfits!! She gave me tips & techniques for my body shape AND realigned my wardrobe so it was easier to navigate. I came away from the session feeling like I had a whole new wardrobe (and haven't felt the need to shop since).  I've been joyfully making my way through all my 'new' outfits & I've been absolutely loving my new style profiles - my inner Style Queen is back! Thank you Bree, you are a natural. <3

Clara Belle

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