Hi Beauty!



It is an honour to have you here. Second Life Studio was created from a deep love of both fashion & wellbeing, plus the belief that when we embrace the fullest expression of who we truly are, life lifts & doors open.


Throughout my life, I've always felt enormous joy being who I am. Although, recognising how my shining caused some to judge me, move away and look down on me, was crippling. I found a way to dim just enough to blend in until I vanished from before my eyes. The fear that my full expression would leave me all alone never left me. Through this, I had to learn to tune back in and access the brightest & boldest version of myself in order to create the life I dreamed of. Listening to my inner strength & Style Queen supported me to shine as the remarkable individual that I am. Life is much brighter and more beautiful now that I can enjoy expressing and loving all parts of me.

What makes Second Life Studio different, is the blend between the outer work & the inner work. As a trained Being Way Life Coach  & wellbeing practitioner, I have an affinity for guiding individuals to see themselves through a loving & supportive lens, build self-worth & confidence, and step into their power. Not only is Second Life Studio the catalyst for deep transformation, but we are incredibly passionate about our planet which is why we work only with second-hand items.


I feel honoured to be able to guide & take others on this journey & I look forward to seeing the magic we can create together.


Bree x x